The Crown

I used to spend my evenings after a long day sipping whiskey and dreaming about what a Crown & Thieves winery would look like, and how I would pull it off if I was given the opportunity. It was something that I never thought would happen though, but just in case I would scribble ideas on napkins, scrap pieces of paper, or whatever it was that I could find. Brodie and I talked about it a lot over the years, he’d throw some crazy ideas my way and I’d tell him more of my own. It was all for fun; a kind of pressure release valve for all the headaches that come with responsibility and being a grown-up, which I guess I am now.
    Before I knew it the opportunity to make those dreams a reality came to fruition: my friend Russ had a great piece of property that I could use, right next to Truck 59, and Kim at Lake Monster Studios was able to translate my crumpled napkin scribbles into something beautiful and real. I had developed a good thing with Chris at Bronag Contracting while we built Black Swift so it was a no-brainer that he would be taking on its construction. It was all lining up but it was also extremely stressful. Thankfully I had what I needed most, I had the emotional support from everyone at JPC and my family keeping my gas tank full and preventing my feet from going cold.
    Now, seven months after I had hoped it would be open, the day has finally come, and it’s time to see what everyone thinks. The place was made in a vacuum, I wasn’t into having very many outside influences interfere with my plans, and believe me, I have had my doubts. In the end, though it’s pretty much exactly what I wanted it to be, and while it might not be everything for everyone, I hope that it is something for someone.
    My evening glass of whiskey has a new subject to keep my mind busy now, The Hatching Post is set to start construction very soon. I must be completely out of my mind…