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2014 Scoundrels Punch
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Vineyard:  Monarch, Lands End and Dhaliwal

Vineyard region:
Osoyoos, Oliver

Tasting Notes: Dark with tinges towards precious Ruby. Drinks with heaps of Blueberry compote, Raspberry & Cloves. Finishes smooth, like a long draw on a Menthol after a clean getaway. 

Grape Variety: 36.36% Cab Sauvignon, 27.27% Merlot, 18.19% Pinot Noir and 18.18% Cab Franc 

Time in Barrell: Scoundrels Treasure, hoarded for 75 months in a combination of French & American Oak (30% New, 70% Older/Neutral)

“Few are the thieves who wear a crown, yet many of its wearer's thieves!”
We don’t follow many rules here, but the ones we do follow we never break. We don’t whine, we make wine, and we never choose “easy”; we always choose “best”. These simple rules are applied to our craft every day and they contribute to making a wine that we are proud of. Proud enough to serve to royalty, for all our drinkers are wearers of the crown. Cheers to you, your highness
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