made by scoundrels, sipped by royalty

The Crown & Thieves Tasting Emporium has almost run dry.  The royal appetite for our bootlegged goods has proved insatiable.  However, like any good hawkers worth their salt, the Scoundrels at Crown & Thieves always have another trick up their sleeves.

Commencing on October 2nd, the Tasting Emporium is no more - by Order of The Dimber Damber himself, Jason Parkes. 

Welcome to the dawn of a new era, the Crown & Thieves Wine & Cocktail Lounge.

Walk-ins always welcome, and wine tastings still available.

Crown & Teas

High "Tea" Served Noon - 3PM

"Half Seas" Happy Hour

Happy Hour Specials 3PM - 5PM

Salt & Thieves

Dinner Service and Late Nite 5PM - 9PM
2017 The Dimber Damber
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Dimber Damber: A top man, or prince, among the canting crew: also the chief rogue of the gang, or the completest cheat. - cant

Tasting Notes: Dark Red Fruit, Leather, Anise, Plum

Pairing: Roast Beef, Umami Dense Dishes, Burgers, Lamb

Grape Variety: Cab Franc 47%, Merlot 38%, Cab Sauv 15%


Vineyard: Gordie, Miss D, Mr.Mo

Vineyard Region: Osoyoos

Grape Variety: Cab Franc 47%, Merlot 38%, Cab Sauv 15%

Pick Date: Second Week of October

Winemaker Notes: Mostly Cab Franc from Mama D, some Merlot from Mo, and Sauv from Gordie.  Put em through super hot and fast, except right at the end, then I let em sit and stew on skins for what some would say was way too long.  After that I barreled them down for ml and checked in on them a few times a year.  French Oak, American Oak, Old Oak, you name it.

Wine Analysis: 13.8% Alc., 3.77 pH

Time in Barrel: Sat basically undisturbed for 30 months in a mix of French, American and Neutral Barrels.

Drink: 2021 - ???? (I'm not putting an end date on this one...)


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