made by scoundrels, sipped by royalty
2020 Tyburn Blossom Riesling
Regular price $29.99 The 2020 Riesling has really come into it's own this spring. Bone dry with the highly sought after expression of diesel on the nose, which only comes with age and patience. Extremely limited quantities remain.
Dry-style Riesling, like eating a Granny Smith apple off a switchblade. Invigorating minerality and floral expression on the nose, with the rumour of telltale diesel. German refinement with an Okanagan flair.
About Crown & Thieves
Located on Winemaker Jason Parkes' home property is Crown & Thieves. Developed in secrecy since the beginning days of our beloved hatch, a small production cult wine with a unique and brave approach to winemaking was all Crown was ever meant to be. The wines became a playground for pushing the limits, being as untraditional as traditionally possible. The result has grown into what Crown is today, wines poured in a ruin, nestled in the middle of a vineyard...and more.