made by scoundrels, sipped by royalty
About Crown & Thieves
Located on Winemaker Jason Parkes' home property is Crown & Thieves. Developed in secrecy since the beginning days of our beloved hatch, a small production cult wine with a unique and brave approach to winemaking was all Crown was ever meant to be. The wines became a playground for pushing the limits, being as untraditional as traditionally possible. The result has grown into what Crown is today, wines poured in a ruin, nestled in the middle of a vineyard...and so much more.
'Bene Vinum' 6-Pack
Regular price $159.99 Greetings Royal Subjects of Crown & Thieves. It is with the greatest of pleasure we present to you a box of 'Bene Vinum' - good wine. We rest assured that you have all dusted your terraces in preparation for the coming season, and invitations have been sent to Dukes & Duchesses, and Ladies & Lords alike to attend the first of the summer garden parties. Needless to say, such pomp and ceremony would not be complete without a delectable accompaniment of the finest wines, which is why we have carefully curated and hand selected this collection of wines primed and ready for display, consumption, and general merriment.


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