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The Crown Jewels Returns
The Crown Jewels Returns
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A 6 Pack of Royal Delights.  This Christmas Season inclusive of:

2 x 2019 Tyburn Blossom Riesling

2 x 2018 Broken Hearts Pinot Noir

1 x 2017 Broken Barrel Syrah

1 x 2016 The Dimber Damber

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The Crown & Thieves Wine & Cocktail Lounge

Commencing on October 2nd, the Tasting Emporium is no more - by Order of The Dimber Damber himself, Jason Parkes. 

Welcome to the dawn of a new era, the Crown & Thieves Wine & Cocktail Lounge. Find more information below.

Walk-ins always welcome, and wine tastings still available.

Crown & Teas

High "Tea" Served Noon - 3PM

"Half Seas" Happy Hour

Happy Hour Specials 3PM - 5PM

Salt & Thieves

Dinner Service and Late Nite 5PM - 9PM


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