made by scoundrels, sipped by royalty
About Crown & Thieves
Located on Winemaker Jason Parkes' home property is Crown & Thieves. Developed in secrecy since the beginning days of our beloved hatch, a small production cult wine with a unique and brave approach to winemaking was all Crown was ever meant to be. The wines became a playground for pushing the limits, being as untraditional as traditionally possible. The result has grown into what Crown is today, wines poured in a ruin, nestled in the middle of a vineyard...and so much more.
Dimber's Trove
Regular price $300.00 PREMIUM VERTICAL DEAL

A Vertical 3 Pack of our Loftiest Liquid - The Dimber Damber.  These 3 Kings come baring not gold, frankincense and myrrh, but notes of leather, spice, and everything nice.

Inclusive of:

1 x 2016 Dimber Dimber

1 x 2017 Dimber Damber

1 x 2018 Dimber Damber