June White Wine Club 6-Pack

June White Wine Club 6-Pack

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This box is inclusive of:

1 x 2021 Pets Doc Gewurztraminder

Not yet released!

1 x 2021 Mr Hickenbothom Chardonnay

A proper chardonnay where the wine screams oak but the winemaker says metal. Neutral oak, lees aging and partial malolactic, all banana bread but no butter.

1 x 2021 Dom & Dommerer 

The Dom has returned to its roots here in the home vineyard, blending Pinot Blanc and Muscat Gaillo (Yellow Muscat), made with the irreverence that only this scoundrel knows how. Muscat holds court on the nose, floral and expressive, where the palette holds you hostage with orchard fruit and decisive structure and sparkling charm, with a stitching of peaches weaving the nose and palette together.

1 x 2020 Tyburn Blossom Riesling

Dry-style Riesling, like eating a Granny Smith apple off a switchblade. Invigorating minerality and floral expression on the nose, with the rumour of telltale diesel. German refinement with an Okanagan flair.

1 x 2021 Mr.Hickenbothom Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc in a Chardonnay trench coat. Invigorating acidity, crispy orchard fruit with a touch of rounder notions, a wine that’s as tricky as it is tasty.

1 x 2021 Little Nipper Pinot Gris

Pale and beautiful, delicate Hydrangea and apple peel on the nose. Honeydew melon and pears on the palette. Dry and mouth-wateringly acidic, food friendly but ultimately optional.


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