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2022 Winemaker's Wench

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The Goods

By order of the Dimber Damber, we present Winemaker’s Wench: a tantalizing white wine blend that’ll have you dancing a jig! On the nose, melon and flowers sing a sweet melody, while on the palate, juicy citrus notes do the Charleston. This wine is a real flapper, with a finish as smooth as a bootlegger’s getaway car.

The Con

What’s a grifter without a shill? A prig without a hoist? Wine without a glass? A scoundrel without a wench? Incomplete. We owe our success to our partners in crime. A wench ain’t just a name for a doxy or alehouse servant to us. It’s a term of endearment, a sister name to ‘Scoundrel’.

Our winemaker’s got a special wench by his side. The Winemaker’s Wench, a name she gave herself. They’ve been through everything together, and she’s always been his biggest fan and toughest critic. Most of the wines he’s made are to please her tastes, which can be fickle. Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes he doesn’t. But she makes sure he knows it either way.  She doesn’t pull punches.

 This wine was made specifically for her tastes.  It’s dedicated to their partnership, and we hope she likes it.  This time.

The Gist

“The Winemaker’s Wench” is a white wine blend crafted to please the winemaker’s partner, who affectionately calls herself “The Winemaker’s Wench.” Their close relationship and mutual support are vital in the winemaking process, although she can be a tough critic. Each year, the winemaker tries to create a white wine blend that will satisfy her discerning taste.

The Take

38% Summerstar Vineyard Pinot Gris

24% Summerstar Vineyard Gewurztraminer

25% Burnt Timber Vineyard Riesling

& More

Alcohol: 11.0%

TA: 9.11

PH: 3.06