2022 Pinky Blinders
2022 Pinky Blinders

2022 Pinky Blinders

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The Goods

Well, ain’t Pinky Blinders 2022 Rosé the bee’s knees! The nose is sweeter than a dame in a speakeasy, with hints of ripe strawberries that’ll make your head spin. And when you take a sip, it’s like a blast of Jolly Ranchers that’ll have you feeling like a real hoodlum. This hooch is the real McCoy, a true-blue winner that’ll have you shouting “By order of the Peaky Blinders, bring me another bottle!”

The Con

This one goes out to our friends from Birmingham, the ones with the flat caps, and sartorial flair. They were mostly known for their ability to hide the tools of their trade in plain sight, usually sewn into their clothes. Their sense of fashion was rivalled only by their flair for violence, and they demanded all the respect they were given. They had a short reign, but it made an impression.

The Gist

The “Pinky Blinders” rosé is a tribute to the notorious gang from Birmingham, England, famously known as the Peaky Blinders. With their signature flat caps and sharp suits, the gang exuded a dangerous sense of style that we aspire to achieve with each vintage of this wine.

The Take

56% Crown & Thieves Vineyard Pinot Noir
33% Crown & Thieves Vineyard Gamay
9% Dell Vineyard Cabernet Franc
& More

Alcohol: 10.9%
TA: 7.45
PH: 3.11