2020 Little Nipper Pinot Gris

2020 Little Nipper Pinot Gris

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The Taste:
The "Little Nipper," a new addition to the Crown & Thieves rogue gallery of liquids, nipping & pickpocketing from all the best parts of Pinot Gris.  A nose of Lemon-Curd, early peaches & white flowers.  Properly juicy bits of Orchard Fruit.  Finishes bright, right and friendly.
TA: 7.1g/L
pH: 3.55
Alc: 13.3%
Grapes: 100% Pinot Gris
Oak Aging: Stainless Steel
Bottling Date: February, 2021
Each of the many "thieves" around these parts are my own Little Nippers.  They consistently do me proud, and I only hope that can contribute to their "proper upbringing" as the years go by.  We are all Little Nippers to someone, and children at heart.  As you sip on a nip of this Pinot Gris, take time to think of those who do you proud!
“Few are the thieves who wear a crown, yet many of its wearer's thieves!”
We don’t follow many rules here, but the ones we do follow we never break. We don’t whine, we make wine, and we never choose “easy”; we always choose “best”. These simple rules are applied to our craft every day and they contribute to making a wine that we are proud of. Proud enough to serve to royalty, for all our drinkers are wearers of the crown. Cheers to you, your highness

Crown & Thieves explained

The Crown

The people who drink our wines are of the utmost
importance to us, they are the crown, they are
the royalty. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to
do what we love, to make wine the way we want
to make them. People of all types are welcome
at Crown & Thieves, we come with no political
affiliations, no judgemental attitudes, and most
importantly, no snobbery.

The Thieves

In Essence Crown & Thieves started in the cellar, we
worked hard everyday trying improve our winemaking
skills and create better wines every year. Some of these
wines came across as a little geeky and were much different than the average bottle of wine. These wines were our favourites. Instead of blending our hard work away into larger batches we would “steal” these batches and save them for a future release.

sipped by royalty?

At Crown & Thieves the customers are our royalty, those people who without we could not do what we love.

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