'Bene Vinum II' 6-Pack

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Greetings Royal Subjects of Crown & Thieves.  It is with the greatest of pleasure we present to you a box of 'Bene Vinum II' - good wine, the Second.  We rest assured that you have all dusted your terraces in preparation for the coming season, and invitations have been sent to Dukes & Duchesses, and Ladies & Lords alike to attend the first of the summer garden parties.  Needless to say, such pomp and ceremony would not be complete without a delectable accompaniment of the finest wines, which is why we have carefully curated and hand selected this collection of wines primed and ready for display, consumption, and general merriment. Now including new releases of Pinky Blinders and the ever popular sparkling Dom & Dommerer!

This box is inclusive of:

 1 x 2021 Winemaker's Wench

Delightfully deceptive, smells sweet and ripe but tastes dry and crisp. Honeysuckle, mango and cantaloupe on the nose thanks to Auxerrois and Viognier. Golden Delicious Apple, ripe Bartlett pear on the palette thanks to Pinot Gris and Chardonnay, with a ribbon of acidic grapefruit from the threading of Sauvignon Blanc.

1 x 2021 Mr.Hickenbothom Chardonnay

A proper chardonnay where the wine screams oak but the winemaker says metal. Neutral oak, lees aging and partial malolactic, all banana bread but no butter.

 1 x 2017 Scoundrel's Punch

Malbec, Pinot Noir, Merlot. Aggressive in all the right ways, spicy and brooding. Blackberries and incense on the nose, grippy tannins that will help it go with all things carnivorous.

 1 x 2018 Crybaby Malbec

Velvety red, a Malbec to give even the Argentinians pause. Grilled Meat, plum jam and fresh oregano on the nose, a massive blackberry rolling their own cigar on the palette. Needs something mostly dead, ¾ cooked.

1 x 2021 Dom & Dommerer

The Dom has returned to its roots here in the home vineyard, blending Pinot Blanc and Muscat Gaillo (Yellow Muscat), made with the irreverence that only this scoundrel knows how. Muscat holds court on the nose, floral and expressive, where the palette holds you hostage with orchard fruit and decisive structure and sparkling charm, with a stitching of peaches weaving the nose and palette together.

1 x 2021 Pinky Blinders

Orange peel and cherry blossom on the nose, white strawberries and . Dry and austere, an elegant dress with Chuck Taylors. Gamay Noir, Pinot Noir from the property and a small amount of Auxerrois from elsewhere.

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